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     For Newcomer Clients
Local GBVP Client Programs:
Gender-Based Violence Awareness and Prevention Workshop:
This is a 2-hour workshop that aim to raise awareness and build your knowledge on Gender-Based Violence.
You will learn:
  • The laws in Canada around Family Violence
  • Forms of child abuse in Nova Scotia
  • The signs of a healthy vs unhealthy family;
  • Your rights as an immigrant newcomer or a refugee
  • Where you can access support.
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Workplace Harassment and Discrimination:
This is a workshop that gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn about rights in Nova Scotian workplaces and laws around safety and inclusion.

It covers challenges and concerns newcomers face at work, Canadian workplace culture and social norms, labour standards and laws, rights in the workplace around safety and inclusion, forms of discrimination and harassment, responds and complaints, with sharing resources and what supports are available.


Men Talk:
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Men Talk is a monthly program for newcomer adult men to share, learn and discuss important topics that impact them and their families.

In this men's only space you will have the chance to connect and talk about the unique experiences, challenges and needs in this new environment. Each month is a different topic or theme.

This is a program for newcomer young men (ages 15-25). Do you want to make a difference in your community around gender-based violence prevention? This is the safe space to do it.

Join this initiative if you are interested in:
  • Being part of a youth leadership group
  • Being a positive male role model for other young men and boys
  • Sharing your voice to make a difference and create a youth-led project

(see video below) – Because I’m a Man


Men's Action Project (MAP)

Young women group:
Engaging and interactive workshops delivered to newcomer young women (ages 18-30).

In this women-only space you will have the chance to share ideas, passions, and experiences.
Topics include self-care importance, body image and self-esteem, online safety, newcomer women challenges, how to stay connected, women wellness and mental health with sharing some support services.


Girls and Guys In-School Groups:

In collaboration with the School Settlement program, the Girls and Guys lunchtime programs are gendered spaces designed for newcomers to explore different topics and themes related to gender-based violence prevention. A variety of workshops and activities done with the youth allows the clients to be more vulnerable in discussions, particularly around issues that may relate to gender, relationships etc..

Briana Miller (She / Her)
Gender Based Violence Prevention Project
YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs, Halifax
104-7071 Bayers Road,  NS,  B3L 2C2
Telephone: 902-457-6879   
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