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Atlantic Immigration Program

Settlement Plan for AIP Candidates

  • Completing the needs assessment and creating an individualized settlement plan for AIP candidates who reside in Nova Scotia, which are required to be included in the Endorsement application for AIP. 

  • Collaborating with employers for referrals and settlement plans. 

  • Providing clients with referrals/resources regarding information about the program, as well as connecting them to settlement staff across Nova Scotia, when necessary. 












Intercultural Competency Training
As part of the Atlantic Immigration Program, designated organizations are required to complete intercultural competency training.
This training aims to support those who are responsible for hiring or managing employees in your organization and covers topics such as:
  • Creating welcoming and culturally inclusive workplaces
  • Newcomer experiences
  • Cultural awareness
For more information or to arrange a training session please contact:
To book an appointment for a Settlement Plan,

e-mail us at:
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