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Programmes pour les fournisseurs de services

The Gender- Based Violence Prevention Project at the YMCA Centre for Immigrant Programs is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The project began in September 2017 with a focus on working with newcomer children, youth, and families to raise awareness about gender-based violence, prevention programming and how to access available resources within their community. The project has two main focuses.


1. Build Service Provider Capacity to engage, support and better understand how gender-based violence impacts newcomer communities. This is delivered with free service provider workshops that can be tailored to the specific needs of classes, programs or organizations.


2. GBV Prevention Programming Newcomers focused on building awareness of GBV as well as focusing on the contributing factors and causes of GBV. To view our newcomer client programming click here.'

Formation pour les fournisseurs de services
Il s'agit d'une formation en ligne de 2,5 heures en plus d'une formation en personne de 3 heures conçue pour les fournisseurs de services, les éducateurs, les travailleurs œuvrant auprès des enfants et des jeunes, des leaders communautaires et des conseillers en établissement.

























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Local GBVP Service Providers Programs:
Click To view more resources on our Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project :
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Forum Theatre Video Project Resources
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Renseignez-vous sur notre programme en contactant :
Brianna Miller (Elle / Elle)
Coordinatrice du projet de prévention de la violence fondée sur le genre
Centre de services aux immigrants du YMCA,
Halifax 104-7071, chemin Bayers, Nouvelle-Écosse,  B3L 2C2
Téléphone : (902)-457-6879  
Courriel :


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