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(Партнерство з працевлаштування та поглибленого вивчення англійської мови)

 Discover an enriched online learning experience tailored to enhance workplace communication in English, available province-wide through collaborations with various organizations and companies. Our diverse clientele spans long-term care, food processing, manufacturing, construction, and hospitality sectors, with a primary focus on elevating communication skills within the Canadian context.


 Our comprehensive program hones speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that are specifically geared towards the workplace, aligning with the Canadian Language Benchmarks. Through dynamic elements such as role-play, class discussions, breakout room interactions, and individual assignments, participants sharpen their essential communication abilities. The program aims to instill confidence, fluency, and an acute awareness of both verbal and non-verbal Canadian communication practices.


 Eligibility is open to:

  • Permanent Residents

  • AIP Participants (Atlantic Immigration Program)

  • Nova Scotia Nominees

  • Post-Secondary Graduates with work permits

  • Protected persons (refugees)

  • Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) in PR Process

  • CUAET Visa Holders

 Our SPELL partnerships continue to expand, encompassing esteemed organizations such as Shannex, Wolfville Nursing Home, Grand View Manor, Glen Haven Manor, Saint Vincent’s Nursing Home, Ocean View Continuing Care, Mahone Bay Nursing Home, Hillside Nursing Home, Ivey’s Terrace, Annapolis Royal Nursing Home, Oxford Frozen Foods, Rosborough Boats, CKF Inc., Farnell Packaging, Dora Construction, Cambridge Suites Halifax Hotel, The Prince George, Events East, BioVectra, Cabot Gypsum, and Tony’s Meats.

Join us in transforming workplace communication skills and fostering professional growth.


Barbara Thompson

Координатор проекту

Центр іммігрантських програм YMCA, YMCA Галіфакс/Дартмут

104-7071 Bayers Rd, Галіфакс, NS B3L 2C2

Тел) 902-222-4222

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